And we are back with another update! It took a while but here are the patch notes for the LEGENDS of EPICA Alpha client version 0.3.3. This release primarily addressed game system improvements, the next patch will focus on existing gameplay.


  • New loading screen system, which is still in the process of being tweaked. We plan to add short videos with future updates.
  • Replaced the Ocean with a new system, still under development, so water specific things may not work as expected. One major change with the new Ocean system, buoyancy for ships.
  • Updated the Sky system slightly – atmospheric features should be visual more realistic.
  • Upgraded the project to Unreal Engine 4.25.
  • Updated the lobby environment slightly, still ongoing.
  • Many changes involving game specific performance optimizations.
  • Updated animal AI, which will be added to existing animals with upcoming patches. The sheep around Naerocks are already upgraded.
  • Player camera zoom optimized to hide the player when too close, also removed the auto zoom upon walking.
  • NPC’s should now more readily arm or disarm their weapons.
  • The player stash is now available per default in all major cities.


  • New locations around Naerocks, and Artol.
  • Added additional great sword attack animations for guards.
  • Added a new weapon for guards, the spear.
  • Added more village people models.
  • Added a new enemy type, another Barbarian clan.
  • Added a bow and quiver for players. In general each class can use this weapon, but the hunter class will also have dedicated bow skills.
  • Added more NPC specific tasks, including for cooking, raking, carrying, as well as performance improvements to the existing NPC task system.
  • Improved the NPC patrol system, NPC’s on patrol task can now pick a path randomly, if configured to do so.


  • Fixed a bug with the AI, causing too long delays after a target has been killed.
  • Fixed a collision issue with dead skeletons.

Known Issues

  • The ladder is currently not updating new player scores properly.
  • Quest recommended level is not displayed when taking up a new quest.
  • Skeleton boss unbone is still too strong, this will soon be addressed.

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