EPICA Patch Notes 0.3.2

In the following are the changes to the EPICA alpha client for version 0.3.1, and 0.3.2.


  • Leveling now grants class specific stats.
  • Added blocking to combat, including the warrior blocking skill.


  • Some animals will now flee when being attacked.
  • Mouse clicks now automatically loot items, and play item specific sounds.
  • Tweaked Catacomb skeleton stats a little.


  • The quit button in-game is working again.
  • Fixed an issue with calculating damage.
  • Fixed an issue with NPC Unbone not attacking.
  • Character stats are now correctly displayed on the character sheet after leveling up.

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August 23, 2020
Viel Glück in Ihrem Blog, wie ich weiterhin regelmäßig zu folgen. Juliet Vanya Kreager

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