EPICA Patch Notes

In the following are the changes to the EPICA alpha client for version, and

Starting with version 0.2.9 the client no longer connects to the Gamesparks server previously used to store player data. Next we are going to work on the Epic Online Service (EOS) integration.


  • The game version number is now displayed on screen.
  • A quest for NPC Grosh
  • NPC Unbone now has his own loot list.


  • Addressed an issue with calculating sale prices when buying multiple items at once.
  • Addressed some issues with how quests are processed.
  • Fixed an issue when stacking stash items.
  • Removed emissive color setting for horse saddle material.


  • Respawning will now always be during the day.
  • Changed the player animation for walk, run unarmed, and jumping.
  • The player stash is now always accessible.
  • Changed the default warrior one hand weapon attack animation.

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