EPICA Patch Notes 0.2.2

In the following are the changes to the EPICA pre-alpha client for version 0.2.2.

Bromz, hard at work!


  • Added loading screens.
  • Added player statistics to the character sheet.
  • Added new skills to the skill book, there are now six passive skills. This includes base stats, and a passive skill to increase resistances. The setup of the player related class skills is still ongoing. We plan to first introduce the first warrior combat skills, then implement the second character class. The hunter, and the mage class, are not yet playable.


  • The user interface, the inventory, loot containers, the character sheet, and the quest log have been tuned.
Gear slot item stats are not instantly updated.
  • The website theme has changed for a couple of reasons, though designing the new theme is not a priority at the time, but we aim to launch the new website along the Steam Early Access launch event.


  • Fixed some issues with the player stash.
  • Fixed an issue with ladder ranking display.


  • Fall damage is currently disabled.
  • Players can respawn as much as they have to, in the final game respawn amount will be limited.

Known issues

  • The current server has a max limit of 20 connections, server limitations also means that sometimes loading the player may take a bit longer.

For further assistance visit the documentation, or the support FAQ.


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