EPICA Patch Notes 0.1.6

In the following are the changes to the EPICA pre-alpha client for version 0.1.6.


  • Added roads and street lights to various zones.
  • Adjusted content for optimized performances.
  • Added a cave troll NPC.


  • Enemies now also have a wider damage range. Perhaps on critical strikes there will be a chance the player falls to the ground.
  • Optimized how street lights are turned on and off.


  • Removed remnants of a map loading system.


  • Fall damage is currently disabled.
  • Players can respawn as much as they have to, in the final game respawn amount will be limited.

Known issues

  • The current server has a max limit of 20 connections
  • Sometimes loading the player may take a bit longer
  • Items placed in the vendor sell window can currently not be moved, some issues with items without sell price. Thus, for the time only place items for sale with sale price.

For further assistance visit the documentation, or the support FAQ.


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