The Sea is Rising

Epica is under siege by an unknown force. In recent years the water line slowly crept further up the coast. The teachers from the Alchemy School of Naeros were among the first to notice, since they keep track of the moon and stars, and the tides.

While there wasn’t real concern at first, another trend recently discovered, the appearance of unwelcome guests around Naeros. The miners now have to carry weapons to defend against goblins and trolls, and some tombs can only be entered with heavy guards to make way through groups of skeletons.

This was unheard of just a decade ago, and now people have to patrol the area, and watch their houses, especially during the darkest hours. Another important change, our wells now often taste like salt water, in turn we collect most of our waters higher up from the hill spring – but for how long?

And it appears like the rising water line is pushing many of these evil creatures into other realms, making them hunt on new grounds, let them maraud, and even outright attempt to try and conquer the domain of man.

What can we do to stop this, and how much more severe will it become? This land was long known to be the bread basket of our ancestors, blessed with the best foods and fresh waters, and now it is in the decline!

So why exactly is the sea rising?

We need to send a hero to farther lands, to explore this situation in more detail, in the name of Queen Sera, and as part of our efforts to prepare the Kingdom of Naeros for what ever is coming.

~ Kontan the Wise

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