Starting Zone Gameplay

We are now working to fine tune the alpha client content prior to randomly invite people from our social networks to participate in testing LEGENDS of EPICA. For a chance to be invited follow us on Twitter Facebook Vimeo or here on YouTube!

The Sea is Rising

Epica is under siege by an unknown force. In recent years the water line slowly crept further up the coast. The teachers from the Alchemy School of Naeros were among the first to notice, since they keep track of the moon and stars, and the tides. While there wasn’t real concern at first, another trend…


Reaching Singularity

Today we reached a development target, for the first time all the essential game features are in place. LEGENDS of EPICA Game Systems Character Creation Combat Crafting Environmental Gear/Equipment Inventory Ladder/Rankings Menu Mount NPC Interactions Skill Social Stats Questing All these game features are database driven where needed. While the game was originally planned to…