Released EPICA 1.1 Beta Client

After about three months of careful considerations the new beta client 1.1 has been released to the Steam Epica live servers. This patch introduces a major change, many parts of the game are now setup for a top-down player perspective, but not all.


  • New runtime created dungeon, ‘Lordenfels’
  • New player base character
  • Lots of new gear items
  • Ladder reset
  • New ‘top-down’ game world
  • And ofc, lots of bug fixes and tweaks

The top-down approach now helps to fast pace the development of Epica, since it reduces the workload considerable. The new world already contains many parts of Epica, specifically the Naerocks region.

Another major change patch 1.1 introduces is for player characters, a new player character setup now better blends gear items. Though, older items may still be not fully compatible with the new method. This will be addressed later this year, when we introduce a re-worked character editor for customizations.

New Procedural Dungeon Lordenfels

Players may remember the first procedural dungeon, there is now an upgrade, for an idea take a look at this gameplay screenshot.

State of Epica

This release is a focus to bring you the long awaited update. However, because of the scale of changes and new content the current game – while playable, is still needing a few more weeks until the Naerocks region has been flashed-out. There are several zones setup, and two dungeons,

In addition to improving the fidelity of the level designs, quests, and encounters need more attention. Another important aspect is in regard to the loot, the new loot is so far not much tweaked.

This game version targets again Epica Early Access owners. With the new game world approach content updates and the content progression will likely accelerate.

Thank you for following us on social media, and playtesting the game.

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