Beta Client Patch Notes

Game Manual

  • Added a game manual, to improve the player game starting experience, and to provide an overview of functionalities.
  • The manual can be opened by pressing the (?) button from the microbar, the small icons at the right bottom of the screen.

Settings Menu

  • Added credits content.
  • Updated colors, designs and the settings menu layout.


  • Optimized bow handling, during combat you can now loot via right-clicking bodies.
  • Bow hits should also succeed with targets in close proximity.
  • Aiming follows the mouse cursor.


  • The mouse cursor will now change depending on the entity it hovers over.
  • The compass has been added as a keybinding with default key (g).


  • Roll will no longer set movement mode to walking, instead keeps the current one.


  • Only the last three news items are displayed.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the swapping of items inside the inventory.
  • Fixed a bug with stacking of items.


  • The hotbar has been moved to the inventory. There isn’t really the need to constantly display the hotbar. Hotbar slots are accessible through hotbar keybindings.

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