Beta Client Patch Notes


  • AI will now always return to their spawn point once outside of the spawning zone, previously this only worked once.
  • Naerocks goblins inside the ‘Goblin Cave’ have been nerfed from level five to level three.
  • Naerocks goblins now properly wear their weapon and shield when not attacking.
  • Naerocks skeletons in the ‘Catacombs’ have been nerfed to level four, from level five, and their damage has been reduced by 25 percent.


  • Quests which are part of a quest line, will no longer be displayed in the quest view when requiring a pre-quest first.
  • Accepting or dismissing a quest will keep the main quest panel open, instead of closing.


  • Items can now be added to the sale window by right-clicking them.
  • Items can now be bought by right-clicking them.


  • Ships are working again, a future update will make the experience more sophisticated.
  • Ship speed has been adjusted.


  • The lights in Artol Seaside will now properly switch on and off depending on the time of the day.


  • The default composite bow damage has been reduced to 3 base damage.

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