Beta Client Patch Notes

This patch has not yet been published to the live server.


  • Honor faction stats are now properly displayed on the character sheet.
  • Honor no longer tracks enemy factions.


  • Fixed a bug causing stash content not to be saved.


  • Axe weapons are now properly aligned when equipped.
  • Two handed swords are now properly attached to the player when equipped.
  • Fixed a bug not updating properly weapon stats upon re-quipping.


  • Player ik, inverse kinematics, the feature to align the character feet on the ground has been temporarily been disabled, investigating a potential issue.


  • Fixed an issue with spawning of some entities, some ai were not always spawning.


  • Fixed a bug resulting in loose of items upon quest completion.
  • Fixed a bug with delivery quests not working.

Settings Menu

  • Fixed an issue with closing the settings panel.


  • Music is now enabled per default. Music volume can be adjusted from the settings panel, under ‘Audio’. Music will be further optimized in coming patches, so that each region has it’s dedicated music theme.

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