Beta Client Patch Notes


  • Added new stat type, Light Radius. This stat activates automatically during the nightly hours and grants lightning near the player depending on the light radius stat. Items like gear and weapons can now drop the Light Radius stat mod.
  • Player attacks now always try to rotate the player towards the target.
  • The inventory is no longer automatically closed once the player moves, to better account for more dynamic combat experiences.
  • Possibly fixed a bug with shop items, which resulted in invisible gear.
Light illuminates the player during the night.

Day & Night Cycle

  • Fixed a bug setting the time of day always to day when leaving a dungeon during the night.


  • Fixed a bug completing kill quests without turning them in.
  • Fixed a potential bug causing duplication of a quest.

Herold of Naerocks

  • The welcome screen Herold of Naerocks now contains more up to date news, including links to patch notes.

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