Beta Client 0.1.6 Patch Notes

New Content Atoll of Naerocks

  • Added a real starting zone, a small atoll near Naerocks where the player initially spawns. This serves as the lore introduction, and should help to improve new player experiences, when the path forward at the start is more straight forward.
  • The atoll theme includes a ship wreck scenery.
  • Added three quests to the new starting zone.
  • Added a flying mount which brings the player to Naerocks village.

Player Animations

  • Updated the walking, running and idle animations for two handed swords.


  • The AI hearing range has been decreased, and their affiliation with other friendly ai. Meaning, i.e. skeletons should no longer rush in a big group to you when entering small dungeon corridors.
  • Decreased the sight radius the ai can detect the player slightly.


  • Set base damage to 3
  • Increased capsule radius to 60, boars should less overlap with the player and other entities.
  • Set attack cooldown to 4 seconds, instead of 3. However, because the boar has three different attack types, a single boar may eventually attack three times in a row, but then pause.

Giant Crabs

  • Added four second attack cooldown to reduce attack rate.


  • Adjusted coin prices for many weapons
  • Adjusted damage for many weapons.
  • Added coin prices to many weapons


  • Certain NPC’s spawned twice on Naerocks Island, this has been addressed and should no longer happen with NPC Larto, or the group listening to the Barb playing guitar.
  • Loot is now properly removed from corpses upon looting.


  • Disabled player character on flying mount. There is an issue with cloth not properly animated.


  • The login has been re-enabled and should work now as intended. If you encounter login problems, report them here. The login should also fix the issue with character selections, eg. users could only use the first created character. We still plan to add the option to play without login requirement, but this is not a priority at this time.

Next Update Plans

  • Improve starting zone design
  • Enable rankings
  • Better align current equipped weapon to player hand, eg. greatsword.

Known issue

  • The Base Attack skillbar icon may not be visible. In this case open the Game Menu with ESC, pick Leave game, and click on Play.

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