Steam Early Access Client

Today LEGENDS of EPICA was released for Steam Early Access! The latest update made some considerable changes, read them here.

Steam Early Access Client Release

Cloud Storage, Gamesparks is now Epic

The new release is now filed under beta, and with the latest developments we transition to EPIC GAMES Online Services. Meaning we no longer use Amazon Gamesparks. When we initially started, Gamesparks was a superb option for hosting all the player data, but earlier in 2020 EPIC GAMES made their Epic Online Services (EOS) public. Meaning free hosting, among a lot of other things.

For now player data is stored on the client, because EOS storage is not yet fully available. Authentication is handled so far, and we plan to add rankings too, scheduled for some time this month. Users need to register for a EPIC GAMES account, if they do not have one yet, eventually this will also work with Steam one point.

Character Creation

The second big update includes several changes, tweaks to the character creation system. For launch, the warrior class is available for play, and the ranger class will follow next.

The new character creation scene. However, due to a technical difficulty, the camera orientation is wrong on the current client version. Luckily, nothing game breaking!

The Ocean

Over the development cycle the Ocean system has been updated several times, due to maintenance updates, or simply because of better options becoming available. The current system is entirely new, looks great, and works good in our testing so far. However, we plan future updates for the Ocean to make water more awesome then it already is.

This means, rivers, and even better looking water, coming in a future update.


The current build priority was to move our database to Epic Games and to update the Ocean. The next patches will see improvements to gameplay aspects, including balancing NPC stats, smarter AI, and class skills.

We hope you like the first Early Access client, and hope to bring you the next patch with improvements mentioned, asap.

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