Lots of important updates come with patch 0.3.5 for the LEGENDS of EPICA alpha client. While initially thought to launch Steam Early Access by end of October, we slightly delay this until sometime in November.

Major patch log notes include the following updates:


  • A player following guard can now be obtained via a special vendor.
  • Added more NPC’s
  • More NPC’s have been configured with related tasking, such as patrolling, or work dependent.
  • Added new animations for spears and greatswords
  • Added a cinematic camera for player NPC interactions
  • Added more zone content in Artol and Naerocks
  • Added inverse kinematics (IK) to more entities
  • Added an initial spawn region, when the player spawns for the first time
  • Updated swimming, and added buoyancy to more boats
  • Added the first main quest


  • Starting zone tree biomes
  • To use a compass requires now a compass inside the inventory

As always lots of tweaking, fixes, and adjustments to existing content. The next blog post will provide more infos on the upcoming Steam Early Access launch. So stay tuned, follow for the latest, and if you are interested to help testing the game join us on Discord and post hashtag alphakey in the tavern channel. There will be a couple of keys given out prior to the upcoming Steam launch!

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