EPICA Patch Notes 0.2.7

In the following are the changes to the EPICA alpha client for version 0.2.7 and Hat tip to our game tester M. Karan for helping to identify bugs addressed with this update.


  • Cows, chicken, bears, pigs, deers, and owls should no longer open a loot window while still alive.
  • When inside of a tavern, specific music will play.


  • Player stamina is now slightly faster regenerated while out of combat, or not sprinting.


  • If a slayn entity has no loot this will be announced in the player chat.
  • While a weapon equipped, combat specific music will play.
  • When in Naerock, specific music will play.
  • The combat warrior skill currently available now grants a small damage bonus, but skill properties are still under development.

Music can be disabled or volume set from the settings panel. Special locations will have their own specific music, which will be added in an upcoming patch.

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