EPICA Patch Notes

In the following are the changes to the EPICA alpha client for version (includes 0.2.6, and Hat tip to our game tester Mexem for helping to identify many bugs addressed with this update.


  • Fixed an issue with the quest ‘Learning to Mine’, not handing out a pickaxe on quest start.
  • Changing gear items should now display the proper values on the character sheet, after adding/removing items.
  • The player character should now play the proper animation for equipping one hand weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the NPC Arthu Quant, preventing player movement after interaction.
  • Fixed an issue with shadows on a bridge near the center of the Village of Naeros.
  • Vendor sale window, fixed a bug allowing the duplication of items.
  • Vendor sale window, fixed a bug allowing to artificially increase item sale prices.

  • Fixed start item for the ‘Urgent Delivery’ quest.
  • Combat and passive skills now properly display current skill level.
  • Combat skills are now added to the skillbar upon unlocked.

  • Selected player gear is now properly displayed while in lobby.
  • Mage AI attack again, fixed an issue with blocked collision channels.
  • All melee AI should do damage now, previously some did too little damage to affect the player.
  • Fixed an issue with the ragdoll body of NPC ‘Undone’.


  • Added new animations for warrior combat skill, ‘Heavy Attack’.

  • AI have now three perception, potentially alerting them of the player, the senses hearing, damage, and seeing.


  • After entering combat mode (drawing of weapon) the player character is now leaving the combat after awhile without battle action.
  • Changed the idle, and run animation for one hand weapons.

To update your alpha client, you need to exit Steam, and restart the application.

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