EPICA Patch Notes 0.2.5

In the following are the changes to the EPICA alpha client for version 0.2.5. Hat tip to our game tester M. Karan for helping to identify many bugs addressed with this update.


  • Starting with this build, game testers can now access the game through Steam once unlocked via a game key. This will make patching of the game much easier.
  • Added the console command /kill


  • Changed how player movement works, after recently adding some modifications. Movement should feel less intrusive again, auto-attack no longer rotates the player towards the target.
  • Enemies now run back to their spawn point instead of despawning once loosing aggro, however, this is still being tweaked.


  • Fixed an issue which disabled the login when the user entered a wrong pass.
  • Fixed an issue when the character was not visible when creating a new character.
  • Fixed issues preventing the storage of the default gear items of newly created characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character would keep moving while interacting with NPC.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was not visible after respawning.
  • Addressed an issue with the base attack icon not available.
  • Fixed an issue with character belt gear. Belt items should now properly fit to the character.
  • Fixed an issue with the NPC A. Quant.

Known issues

  • NPC’s not always attack the player instantly, some perception settings are currently disabled.
  • The runtime generated dungeon, ‘Skeleton Lair’ may cause performance spikes.
  • Small gameplay lags are due to mesh default streaming settings. Not all content is yet properly setup for seamless streaming fidelity.
  • New unlocked skills may not be available immediately, may require to restart the map.
  • Player character specific gear is not always properly displayed when in lobby.

Because we plan to revamp our server infrastructure, migrating to Epic Online Services, some of the known issues will be addressed with the launch/integration at EOS. This will also be the start when we progressively add the multiplayer functionalities.

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